90+ Minutes 700 Ha 7.5 km 100 km
Flight Time At 120m AGL Command and Control Range Flight Range


Starting with the first version of the Trinity in 2017, we provided the basis for a highly efficient and at the same time affordable eVTOL UAS without compromising on features. The Trinity F90+ leverages this platform and improves many aspects to offer professional users even more functionality at an unbeatable price.

  • 90+ minutes*/ 60 minutes flight time
  • Wide range of high precision sensors, e.g. dual RGB & NDVI payload and 42 MP HighRes RGB
  • PPK including Quantum-System iBase ground reference station powered by u-blox
  • Powerful motors for even more reserves in all situations
  • Live Air Traffic (ADS-B) incl. QBase 3D Mission Planning
  • 2.4 GHz telemetry with up to 7 km command & control range
  • Optional ADS-B Mode-S transponder

Key Features

Reliable & Integrated Design

We engineered the TrinityF90+ to fulfill professional needs, with every aspect reflecting our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Small footprint

The TrinityF90+ is delivered 'ready to fly' (RTF) in a molded transport case, providing ample space for the entire package.

Easy & safe handling

Press a button, and the UAV gets to work. The remote control is intuitive, with no confusing switches or levers.

Longest flight time in its class

We dedicated many hours to optimize the wing geometry to push the glide ratio to an astounding 14:1.


We provide payload configurations up to 42 MP. The portfolio is supplemented by multispectral cameras from Micasense, including the Altum with its included thermal sensor. Thanks to the large payload capacity, a combination of a high-res RGB camera and a multispectral camera is available. This results in completely new possibilities that save time and money.

Package Content

  • iBase reference GNSS Base Station:
    Portable base station to enable high precision PPK processing
  • USB ADS-B Receiver Set:
    Integrates Live-Air-Traffic-Info into QBase.
  • Air Data Probe:
    QBase 3D Software Ground Control Station Mission Planning
    Software, including QBase Modem Longrange 2.4GHz and Cable.
  • Remote Controller(RC):
    Remote Control Transmitter including charging cable.
  • Anti-collision Strobe and Position Lights:
    2 sets with 3 pieces each.
  • Battery Pack and Battery Charging Station
  • Anemometer
  • Lightweight Transport Case

Technical Data

Max. Take-off Weight 5.382 kg
Max. Flight Time 90+ min
Max. Range = Area 100 km = 700 ha
Max. Flight Altitude 4500 m
Command and Control Range 57.5km
Operating temperature range -12C to +50C
Wingspan 2.394 m
Transport Case Weight (3 batteries) 22.3 kg