Services at Apiroter

List of Equipments:

  1. Five tube unique Collimator.
  2. Two tube motorized collimator.
  3. Single tube base-line collimator.
  4. Infrared diodes (EDM) collimator.
  5. Optical centring machine.
  6. Hydraulic optical plummet adjustor.
  7. Tribrach adjustor.
  8. Spirit level sensitivity adjustor.
  9. Compensator adjusting jig.
  10. Compensator range adjustor.
  11. Laser aligning gun
  12. Signal generators
  13. Oscilloscopes
  14. CCTV laser aligners
  15. 360 degrees aligner jig
  16. Climatic chambers
  17. Vibrating machine testers

We are always available at your service. Please feel free to contact us for any requirement.