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Surveying instruments need special care to remain reliable. Preventive maintenance is the keyword. Friction in moving parts, collimation error, and fungus attack are major threats to your instrument. You face colossal loss in terms of repair cost & downtime. Precision comes with some handsome amount of money, but economy comes through preventive maintenance! Unfortunately 90% of the surveying instruments Users save money on getting the service done on trial & error basis. Even Government of India had made it compulsory for Users of surveying instruments to obtain calibration certificate every year.

Look no further:

Come to Ansari Precision Instruments Pvt. Ltd., be it Roorkee, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad or Bangalore. APIPL is the only Company that provides you state-of-the-art service & calibration center. The centers manned by trained and experienced technicians on ISO-17025 standards of calibration, where customer’s satisfaction is an integral part of culture. We are the only solution provider in India, which can capably repair & adjust any brand of instruments with authority & certification. Our more than SEVEN decades of manufacturing experience enable us to do so. We have tools all imported from USA, SWITZERLAND, GERMANY, HOLLAND AND SINGAPORE specifically for Opto-Mechanical, Opto-Electronics or Lasers alignments and testing. professionals.

We are always available at your service. Please feel free to contact us for any requirement.