Models - TVT-20/TVT-20E

Type Transit Vernier
Image Inverted / Erect
Length 180 mm
Effective Aperture 38 mm
Magnification 26 x
Short Focus 1.5 mts
Stadia Ratio 1 : 100
Additional constant 0
Field of View 1°30'
Resolving Power 4"
Diameter Hz 113 mm
V 100 mm
Graduation 20'
Vernier reading 20"
Vernier circle level 1’/2 mm
Plate level 45"/2 mm
Instrument 6.600 kg
Case leather 3.275 kg
Tripod 4.100 Kg
1) Diaphragm extractor 2) Trough compass
3) Plumb bob with fastner 4) Sun Filter
5) Ray shade 6) Screw Driver
7) Silicagel 8) Cleaning brush
9) Adjusting pins


TVT -20 : Transit Vernier Theodolite Very precise Theodolite to fulfill requirements of surveys Ideal in construction, utility installations, general layout work, cadastral work, traversing triangulation & in mining The instrument is of self contained construction so that all the sensitive parts are protected from dust, moisture and shock. Made of full brass/ gun-metal body having pure silver circles, engraved with German Machine in Air-Conditioned workshop, Blue coated antiglare achromatic optics, kellner type eye-piece, shifting tribratch and optical plummet system to ensure rapid setting up over a surveying point. Both horizontal and vertical circles with the help of vernier scales designed to read to an accuracy of 20 Comes in fuR teakwood box and with teakwood telescopic tripod. Also TVT-20E comes with Erect image and TVT-20 ESA comes with Erect image, steel axis and full aluminium telescopic tripod.