Models - EPL-7 / EPL-7E

Length 178 mm
Image Inverted / Erect
Magnification 24 x
Effective Aperture 32 mm
Field of View 1°15'
Short focus 1.5 mts
Stadia Ratio 1 : 100
Additional constant 0
Resolving power 4"
Diameter 60 mm
Graduation 1 div = 1°
PLATE BUBBLE ø x L (mm)  
Size 10 x 50
Sensitivity 45" / 2mm
Instrument 2.400
Case leather 0.750 Kg.
Tripod 3.600 Kg.


EPL -7: The first three-in-one level in India. It works as a tilting level, Engineer's Precision level and as a simple dumpy level. Specification confirming to ISI. Shock, dust and moisture proof body design fitted with antiglare blue coated achromatic lenses, horizontal circle, encased 45" precisely grounded spirit level complete in heavy leather sling case with padded inserts and telescopic teakwood tripod. EPL - 7E comes with Erect image and with aluminium-wooden-mixed telescopic tripod.