S9 III PLUS GNSS is the result of the continuous evolution of the STONEX™ GPS integrated receivers. Featuring a new, high accuracy multi constellation antenna, a powerful UHF transmitter and the GSM 3G WCDMA modem, for a fully integrated communications choice, combined with a light and modern design, STONEX™ S9 III PLUS improves the field.


STONEX™ S9 III PLUS GNSS, that combines an embedded 220 channels GNSS board, accurate and fast in satellite fixing, UHF radio modem, 3G GSM modem for GPS network connections, Bluetooth™ device for completely cable-free operations. S9 III PLUS GNSS can work as Base, transmitting to one or more Rovers, and as GPS network Rover: the complete set of communications options give you a completely free operating choice from the beginning, no after sale options are requested.

TOTAL FLEXIBILITY AT YOUR SERVICE - The integrated UHF transmitting and receiving radiomodem, with output power up to 2W, makes S9 III PLUS a powerful source of GPS corrections: constructions sites, cadastral and land survey, marine and hydrographic applications, take a big advantage using one high accuracy transmitting GPS, combined with Rovers. Moreover, S9III PLUS is compatible with several GPS's: Satel™and TRIMTALK™ 450S are just some examples of the supported protocols. And where a GPS Network is available, S9 III PLUS is the perfect rover, using the 3G integrated modem.

RELIABLE, FAST, CABLE FREE - The IP 67 certification, combined with a high shock resistance - S9 III PLUS survives even after a 2 m drop on concrete - guarantee the maximum strength and the best water/dust-tight. With its short initialization time, S9 III PLUS GNSS lets you save time everyday, every job; And when the GPS signal is lost, the advanced STONEX™ technology used in the new S9 III PLUS reduces to a moment the re-initialization time, while positioning accuracy, checked from the field software, gives you a totally comfortable feeling of a good result.The Bluetooth™ device, make S9 III PLUS a fast and completely cable free one man system for every kind of topographic job.

Technical Features