The new STONEX® S7 series GPS/GNSS receivers combine the modern positioning technology and versatility of a powerful handheld, perfect for collecting geographic data and operate fast and accurate measurements. The S7 handheld is compact, ergonomic and small size and weight: 234 mm x 99 mm and less than 900 g. S7 are powered by a Marvell Xscale PXA-310 806MHz processor, and Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system.

Available models:

STONEX S7-S is an handheld GPS receiver (L1, GPS, SBAS), designed to collect data in a quick and accurate way, as well as efficiently inspect and stake out assets.

STONEX S7-G, a real revolution in the world of GNSS receivers: all in one hand, a GPS, GLONASS, 120 channels receiver, with centimetric accuracy.

Key Features:

• Flexible: choose your S7 for GIS and/or high accuracy surveying jobs, with integrated STONEX software

• Complete: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS modem, 5 Mpx camera, voice call and MMS, Mini waterproof USB connector, all included as standard

• Easy to use: High performance touch screen 3.7" high resolution 640x480 pixel display, sunlight-optimized

• Strong: resistant to shock, dust, vibration, water spray and extreme temperatures (-20°/+60°). IP 65 certification

• All day job: Li-Ion battery, quickly removable, up to eight hours of operation time; Memory up to 16 Gb with SD memory card

Technical Features