Roter LIS

Roter LIS


With this feature you can seamlessly download from the Horizon make Total Station & also upload the processed data to the Instrument.


RoterLIS can calculate & obtain the coordinates from a raw data file having Slope distance, horizontal angle, vertical angle, etc to create Survey blocks. It can handle both Unprocessed & Processed file data & hence create blocks using the coding methodology.


Now you can plot the traverse based on feature codes especially for Land Survey. RoterLIS can distinguish between connectable survey points based on description used during surveying. Different properties can be attached to a survey point of a particular feature code. The dynamic editor gives high flexibility to meet your equirements, with your own personal library.


RoterLIS can automatically create parcels based on the ladder information. It supports multiple baseline for creation of parcels. If the survey data is available in the form of XYZ for a parcel, software has the capability to generate ladder data (Base Coordinates, left & right offsets) with multiple baseline support, thus creating traditional FMBs.


Features & Landmarks encountered during surveying like trees, manholes, electric poles, etc can be easily placed in the drawing through the symbol library. Custom defined symbols can always be created and added to the already existing library.


Automatic coloring of text possible with the new interactive editor. User defined text height & color can be configured easily.


RoterLIS has unique feature of creating parcels based on coding methodology. In case of resurvey, the effective time for survey at field is reduced since a point common to adjacent parcels need to surveyed only once. This eliminates tedious re-fixing of parcels at office. RoterLIS supports mosaic creation for survey blocks based on reference.


Export facility to graphical standard formats (DXF, DWG) & other data formats such as CSV, TXT, SDR, GSI etc. Export facilty of GIS data to Industry standard SHP, SHX format.

GIS capability

RoterLIS extends to GIS by providing data attachment facility with user based data fields in single tier database. Some common fields such as area & perimeter can be auto inserted. Also supports user defined length & area parameters to be assigned to fields.