Roter Collect

Roter Collect

RoterCollect is software developed for WinCE platform to facilitate the surveyor in their day to day cadastral survey work. Using RoterCollect, surveyor can have better control at site on the overall job, minimizing errors and maintaining quality.

    Salient feature of Roter Collect:

  • Supports Direct download from Total Station instruments of different makes
  • Supports Direct control of Leica Instruments
  • Solar observation calculation
  • Solar Almanac Generator
  • EDM Calibration for Additive error, Cyclic Error and Scalar error
  • Export of computed & acquired data to DXF format , Standard Field Book format , CSV format ,Coordinate format
  • Extending & Breaking line functions
  • Close Bearing calculation
  • Check routines for Angles & Distances in face left & face right conditions
  • Traverse correction based on Bowditch & Transit rules
  • M Correction
  • Resection calculation for Station re-fixing
  • Automatic Correction distribution to side shots
  • Secant calculation
  • Missing line calculation
  • Easy negotiable graphical screen for view & edit of plan
  • Online tips & help

Roter Link:

RoterLink is especially designed for Palm Operating System, keeping in view of giving an extra storage capacity to the User's of older versions of Total Stations having limited or no on board memory. Also it enables the User to have on-site corrections and reporting.

    Salient feature of Roter Link:

  1. Down loading facility from Sokkia and other popular instruments.
  2. Graphical display of data on Palm Top.
  3. Traverse points based on feature codes and editing of same.
  4. Joining points based on feature codes and editing of same.
  5. Addition, deletion and offsetting of entities.
  6. Graphical editing for positions.
  7. Translation and rotation of points.
  8. Area Calculation with the calculated area being highlighted.
  9. Export of data to DXF, CSV and ASCII.