Lidar Systems


The Optech Pegasus is a high-performance lidar mapping solution that is designed for maximum collection efficiency, data accuracy and high point density. A multi-laser sensor, Pegasus includes a fully embedded, high-resolution orthometric camera and delivers extremely dense and information-rich datasets. Pegasus provides the highest point density and data accuracy at the lowest cost per square mile/km.

Pegasus Advantages

  • Wide FOV coupled with the highest operating altitude and detect-ability available provide you the highest data collection efficiency currently available in the marketplace
  • Drop-in sensor design installs in deep portals with unrestricted use of the entire FOV
  • High accuracy and precision deliver high-quality datasets
  • Multi-laser design obtains twice the collection efficiency and data density of single-laser systems
  • Fully-embedded, medium-format digital camera provides simultaneously-collected, high-resolution imagery

  • Applications

    • Natural Resources
    • Surveying & Mapping
    • Urban Mapping
    • Wide Area Mapping


    • Camera Systems
    • Mounts & Integrated Systems


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    Pegasus HD500 Specifications

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