Cameta Systems


D-8900 Aerial Digital Camera

With a footprint of 8,900 pixels across by 6,700 pixels along the flight line, the D-8900 aerial digital camera is tightly integrated with the Optech Pegasus ALTM, and delivers accurate and precise imagery. A wide range of lens and filter options supports easy reconfiguration for specialized projects and applications.

D-8900 Advantages

  • Extended acquisition windows
  • True metric performance with FMC
  • Adaptable and flexible with interchangeable lenses
  • Robust controller for operational flexibility improved workflow
  • Improved time to delivery
  • Simplified service and maintenance

  • Applications

    • Corridor & Asset
    • Asset Management
    • Utilities
    • Engineering
    • Rail
    • Surveying & Mapping
    • Disaster Management
    • Urban Mapping



    D-8900 Products

    • D-8900 Camera

    • Controller & Tablet