Cameta Systems


CS-LW640 Longwave Thermal Camera

Expand your business opportunities by combining and integrating the CS-LW640 long-wave IR camera with other Optech cameras to create a unique airborne imaging solution that meets your business needs. The CS-LW640 is based on an uncooled microbolometer sensor with a resolution of 640×480, and shares the core features of all Optech cameras. Integrated with the Orion C lidar sensor platform, it is a proven and powerful tool for mapping thermal features in 3D.

CS-LW640 Advantages

  • Long-wave infrared sensing expands possible mapping solutions
  • Ruggedized construction for durability and custom mounting
  • Kinematic mounting for precise alignment with lidar and RGB cameras
  • Geometric calibration and fast pre-processing

  • Applications

    • Corridor & Asset
    • Utilities
    • Defense & Security
    • Natural Resources
    • Environmental
    • Forestry
    • Surveying & Mapping
    • Urban Mapping



    CS-LW640 Products

    • CS-LW640 Thermal Camera

    • CC-R Camera Controller