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Optech CS-10000 Aerial Digital Camera

Standalone or integrated with lidar, the Optech CS-10000 is a complete corridor and small-area mapping solution. With 10,320 pixels across by 7,760 pixels along the flight line, the CS-10000 delivers breathtaking imagery for detailed feature visualization and accurate engineering applications. Based on patented technologies and advanced camera engineering, the CS-10000 is optimized for both standalone imaging and lidar integration.

CS-10000 Advantages

  • Field-replaceable shutter dramatically reduces downtime
  • Interchangeable lenses to fit project needs
  • Kinematic mounting provides precise positioning
  • GSM and sled mounts for configuration with lidar sensors
  • Batch processing provides efficient imaging workflows
  • 80-Mpixel sensor with superior GSD capacity

  • Applications

    • Corridor & Asset
    • Asset Management
    • Utilities
    • Defense & Security
    • Engineering
    • Rail
    • Natural Resources
    • Surveying & Mapping
    • Digital Photogrammetry
    • Disaster Management
    • Urban Mapping



    Waveform Recorder Products

    • CS-10000 Camera

    • CS-10000 Camera System

    • CS-10000 Camera with Orion lidar