Mounts & Integrated Systems

CF-410 Gyro-Stabilized Mount

Optech Gyro-stabilized survey solutions are also available for standalone digital cameras, without an accompanying lidar system. The same compact carbon-fiber sensor frame is used in a gyro-stabilized mount to provide the ideal solution for multiple camera sensor configurations. This reduces your collection costs when RGB, near-infrared, or even thermal imagery needs to be collected simultaneously and co-registered.

The mount accommodates up to 3 nadir cameras. Camera options include CS-10000, CS-6500, CS-MS1920, CS-MW640 and CS-LW640


  • Regularly sampled and aligned data collection
  • Improved collection efficiency (coverage)
  • Maximum image production (geometric alignment, perspective)
  • Improved processing efficiency (fewer photos overall)
  • Additional sensors in nadir small-portal installations

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