FENO - Permanent Surveying Markers

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FENO Concepts

An original concepts which has been accepted on the five continents: Innovation and quality have always been the driving force of the FAYNOT company. When the company entered on the topographic market in 1970 we did so with an entirely new concept: The Polyroc FENO (FENO is a brand name of the FAYNOT company) marker, fitted with a head separate from its anchoring system.

    This innovation constituted a minor revolution in the surveying world. Until then there were two families of markers:
  • the first one, the traditional one, made of granite: heavy markers which were diffiecult to set up.
  • the second one, made of plastic of resin: light-weight markers but with little resistance to uprooting and ageing.
    The FENO marker offers the advantages of both the existing renges but without the disadvantages:
  • a head made of very strong resin, as solid as granite,
  • a metal anchorage, which can be extended making it impossible to uproot the marker and making its setting up both easy and accurate.

The success of the FENO marker was immediate and has never wavered. At present, more than half of all the markers set in FRANCE are produced by the FAYNOT company. The "unique FAYNOT concept" - to use the American expression - is exported to more then 30 countries and is offered with a complete range of topographical accessories for setting up, referencing and transporting.

Special Marker

Lane director marker for road and railway works. The assemble are polyroc head, aluminium insert and the stability plate are delivered ready-assembled. The polygonal marker is ready to use. All the surveyor has to do is to position the anchorages.

Marker Heads